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Adventures of BP: Dublin Edition

Me in front of the Dublin Castle
Wow. I can’t believe I only have one month left before I have to head back to the states. Lately, I have been thinking if I have done everything I set out or wanted to do while I was here. I have short list to dos before my flight on December 13. My list includes a few things I still want to capture pictures of and souvenirs I need to purchase for my family and friends.

Recently, I went to Dublin for a few days just to experience a new change in scenery from Cardiff and London. The people were really nice in Dublin. While I was there I thought that if I traveled by foot everywhere it would be more scenic journey than if caught a cab. Needless to say I was able to take lots of great pictures of the Dublin Castle, City Hall, the quay, and numerous other attractions. Friendly Leprechaun One thing I really liked about Dublin is that all of the attractions are rather close to each other. Even though I had known I was going to be visiting Dublin beforehand I still did not tell my mom till afterward, since I did not want them to worry about me.

Now I’m not encouraging anyone to go anywhere without your family. I decided to leave all my details with my cousin just in case something happened she would know where I was. I decided to mail my mom and granny a postcard from Dublin. I can’t wait to hear their reactions, when they get card in the mail.

On another note classes are getting better each week. It has been rather frustrating at times to adapt to UK academic standards of essay writing and test-taking. One the main differences are here the students are given more freedom in their essay structures to develop it however they want. In the American system many teachers think the more freedom you give students the more errors can occur. But I guess the key is just to keep a positive attitude and not to give up, because no one said studying abroad was going to be easy.

Though I am very anxious to get back home and see my family and friends, I realize that I will definitely miss Cardiff-the people, the atmosphere. I am already trying to figure out how and when I am going to come back. It looks like I could be back in the summer depending how a few things turn out. Well I have to run now.

In the park


p.s. this week’s pictures are from Dublin


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