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Its strange the things you take comfort in when you find yourself living in a culture and country different than your own. This Tuesday, one of my favorite Mexican bands, Reik, will perform here in Mérida. Today, my friend Ruthie and I decided we could no longer procrastinate and needed to finally go and purchase tickets. After waiting over 30 minutes for the bus to come, we arrived at the coffee shop where one can buy tickets (yes, here there is no such thing as Ticketmaster. Instead, tickets are purchased at random stores or restaurant such as Italian Coffee Shop or Burger King.). We asked for two general tickets and were told that the people who actually sell the tickets weren’t there. The employee had no idea when they would decide to come back. Frustrated we left the coffee shop only to hop on yet another bus to go to another ticket selling place. Everything that would normally take 20 minutes in the United States (or in this case two minutes) takes three hours here in Mexico. Anyway, to make a long story short, we arrived home with Reik tickets finally in our hands. However, the fact that people sold tickets without any form of schedule made me realize that while so much of Mexico is so familiar and comfortable, there are some things that are impossible to get used to.
Additionally, I have noticed that I take comfort in things that I never before realized where so important to me. While in the U.S., I am either blasting reggaeton or musica ranchera , here I find a strange comfort in country music. When I am upset I find myself turning to Brad Paisley or the Zac Brown Band instead of my typical Spanish music. The irony lies in the fact that while I did listen to country in the U.S., I never CHOSE to listen to it. Another weird comfort: mashed potatoes. I have never really been a potato person, and while at Thanksgiving my brother would always build giant dams with his mashed potatoes and gravy, I never really enjoyed the food. However, this week my host mom, Rebecca, made instant mashed potatoes and I was in heaven, not so much for the taste but because it reminded me of the comfort of home. It will be very interesting to see what other strange things I crave over the next six months that I am here in Mexico. My neighborhood


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