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April and May in Sydney

The last few weeks have been filled with midterms and adventures around Sydney.  Right after spring break, papers and exams slowly crept up on the entire group.  Luckily, my classes only transfer back to Brandeis as pass or fail.

Some of the highlights have been more trips to Pancakes on the Rocks, rugby games, Cinco de Mayo $5 burritos, picnics in the botanical gardens, 21st birthdays and trips to the movies!

A few weeks ago, I went to see my first movie in Sydney.  Although the movies cost over double what it does at home, Tuesday nights are student nights and you can see a non-3D movie for 11 Australian dollars.  Unfortunately, the non-3D version was sold out, and we ended up spending 17.50 to see the 3D version ofAvengers.  It was fun to get to see it a week before it actually opened in the US!  My friends were jealous.

We also went on an IFSA Butler trip last week to Jervis Bay.  It was great to get out of the city for a day, and the scenery was beautiful.  It’s starting to get a little bit cold, so we didn’t spend alot of time on the beach, but we went on a boat ride in hopes of seeing dolphins!  We only saw one or two, but still had a great time.  Afterwards, we stopped at a winery and I got to have my first Australian wine tasting!

This weekend, a few of us went to see Fiona, our program director, in her comedy show!  It was great to see Fiona play a different role than our program coordinator and get a sense of Australian humor.

It is so strange to talk to the majority of my friends now because they are home already from their study abroad programs!  Although I still have about a month and a half left, this month has beenflying by though, and I can’t believe how soon it will all be over.  In just one month, my sister will be coming to visit, and after traveling and touring Sydney with her for about two weeks, I will be on a plane back to Washington, DC for the summer.  I’m just trying to make the most of my time in Sydney during the time I have left!


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