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Thanksgiving in The UK

This Thanksgiving was my first thanksgiving away from my family. Initially I had planned to be in Cardiff and just go about it as a regular day. A few days before the holiday, my friend in London called me and said her and her flat mate were having a thanksgiving dinner. I decided to go since I did not have classes that day.

After a few hours of being in London with my friends, I begin to really miss my family. Though I was very thankful having people to share the holiday, it still could not replace the traditional thanksgiving we have at home. I also couldn’t stop thinking about the black Friday deals I would miss.

Once all the guests left, I was able to sort out my thoughts and realize I have so much to be thankful. Besides my family, friends, and good health I am very grateful for having the opportunity to study abroad.

Now I have about 13 days left before I head back to the U.S. I can’t believe it’s time to leave already. Studying abroad has help me to experience a taste of globalization and multiculturalism in a different way. I am also very much looking forward for my opportunities to go abroad, which is why I decided to apply to graduate school where I do one year in the states and another in Switzerland.

I refuse to spend my next two weeks counting the days, instead I want to enjoy my last outing with friends, finish up finals, and absorb my last breath in the UK for 2009.

Homemade Sweet Potatoe Pie I madeFriends on Thanksgiving


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