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On Happiness

This post was going to be about how happy I am.  Well it still is, but interestingly I am writing it to a song which was on the River Island soundtrack.  *twitch*

So yeah, I AM SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.  This country is exactly where I want to be, and I currently have a surprisingly fantastic work/exercise(well this part is slightly questionable)/sleep(!)/friends ratio going on right now, and it’s just brilliant.  Plus I still fell insanely lucky to be going to Oxford, along with a million other things.  And I have excellent (though annoyingly unspecific) travel plans for this summer, and I’m even excited to go home for a month before going back to Kenyon.  So life is really, really good right now – and this term is flying by.  (The weather, though, has been abysmal.)

Some highlights from this term so far have included the Blues and Colours football awards ceremony and Oxford Holi.  You know how in period movies when they’re at parties you always see those footmen holding trays of wine?  THEY HAD THOSE GUYS AT THE FOOTBALL AWARDS CEREMONY.  In a spectacular show of history nerdiness, I freaked out.  And drank wine.  The ceremony was more like a cocktail party with speeches and certificates, but it took place in the beautiful, glass-ceilinged Natural History Museum.  I was milling around next to the last dodo skeleton in the world for a few hours.

Holi was even better.  For those of you who don’t know, Holi is an Indian holiday where you get loads of coloured powder, mix it with water and throw it at people.  Everyone wears white, so you get extra colourful.  It was seriously the BEST THING EVER.  It was mad…people running everywhere…colour still stains the ground where it took place and it’s been weeks.  It was really funny because I’d see someone who I’d met only once, and they’d be like “oh hi again” and then chuck green water in my face.  Best holiday idea in the world.  I would do it every day if I could.

What else?  A week ago today I was at the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio!  It was the actual place where they shot everything with a set, and they also had props from the films.  They had everything from the cupboard under the stairs to the Burrow to the philosopher’s stone to the Gryffindor common room to the Ministry of Magic to Diagon Alley.  Overall it was really fun to go there, but at the same time it was kind of depressing.  I guess I just expected a film set to be more…epic.  But in reality it was basically one ENORMOUS building with tons of different places from my imagination stuck into corners.  It just goes to show how freaking amazing the human imagination is, and how much better books are than films.  Anyway, I bought a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard and resisted a Slytherin scarf and flag.

Ohh, I feel like I’m leaving so much out!  I guess I’ll just go on to more everyday life stuff.  So, academics.  They’ve been great this term, as usual.  Children’s literature is my primary tutorial, and I can’t tell you how fun it’s been.  Just an example – two weeks ago my assignment was the first Harry Potter book.  Also, I care about children’s literature way more than any other kind of literature, so it gives me way more personal satisfaction to study.  My tutor is REALLY COOL – she’s from New Zealand and she’s a DPhil student.

My secondary tutorial is also going very well – it’s the “The Troubled Reign of George III” with Kate Watson, the same tutor I had for French Revolution in Michaelmas.  I still really like her, and last time we spent like half of my tutorial talking about my story instead of the American Revolution.  She kept saying how interesting it was, and how she couldn’t stop thinking about it, which obviously made me want to cry with happiness.  She’s going to give me much-needed sources for historical research, and she gave me BRILLIANT ideas about the origin of the house.  BRILLIANT.  I can’t even write about this anymore because I am getting too excited.

Again, I feel like there should be more…but there isn’t, I guess.  I was worried about this term because football is over, but that has been a surprisingly easy adjustment.  I’ve been going to random friendlies and college practices anyway, and I’ve been running with Rosie (my football friend and summer travel buddy) too.  Also, Asiyla is back in England so I’ve been hanging out with her.  LIFE IS GOOD.

Well, I guess this is my second to last post about Oxford!  Amazing.  See you next time…


P.S. I now have my official plane ticket home – July 25.  It’s exactly two years from the day I went to England for the first time. :’(  SOMEONE WILL HAVE TO DRAG ME CRYING ONTO THE PLANE


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