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Good news! And exams…

Hey everybody,

Well this blog comes with plenty of good news! First off, I was just recently accepted to stay another semester in Melbourne. For those of you reading this that have any intention of spending a semester in Australia or anywhere abroad, I will say for one last time… DO IT!! Another piece of the good news is that my parents were here in Melbourne last week. It was a lot of fun to see them, especially for the fact that I now won’t be able to see them until December. They spent a few days doing touristy things and then I got a couple days to show them around my favorite parts of Melbourne. They really seemed to enjoy their time here and it was fun to have them stay with me and meet all of my friends here! One final piece of good news is that Yogi (our Butler rep) took our study abroad group on a winery tour last weekend, and we had a blast! Over the course of the day we visited three different wineries and tasted a great selection of wines, champagnes (officially called “sparkling wines” outside of France), and ciders. The tastings definitely raised my appreciation for good wines, although most of us couldn’t afford the $20-35 bottles that we were trying. Since the wine tasting fell on last Sunday, which happened to be Mother’s Day, a few of us decided to make a little gift for our mothers during the day. We took a good amount of pictures and recorded a few video clips to create this masterpiece. Here is the video, enjoy!


Although it’s hard to find anything negative after all this good news, we do happen to be coming up on the dreaded exam period. This coming Monday starts week 12, which is the last week of teaching this semester. After that, we have a week called SWOT vac, which stands for study without teaching vacation. This is basically a 9-day period of (ideally) non-stop studying to get prepared for our exam period. Final exams at Melbourne Uni are taken a lot more serious than at many US Universities. For example, 2 of my 4 subjects have a 60% weight on this exam, with the entire rest of the semester worth only 40% of our final mark. This is the case in many subjects and it definitely helps to have this extra week to prepare for these grueling exams. After SWOT vac the three-week long exam period begins. In week 10, exam timetables came out which is when we found out when each exam would be during this period. Two of my subjects have take-home final exams, mostly consisting of long essays or big projects, while my other two have exams with one on the 15th and the other on the 20th of June. These are both towards the end of the period, which will be good for studying purposes but not so good for traveling plans! Since I am now staying for another semester, I will have a one-month break to travel or work before our next semester starts at the end of July. I still don’t have any concrete plans for this break but I will keep you posted on here!

Below are a few pictures from both this blog and the last. There are a few from my trip to Rochester and Bendigo, as well as a few from our rainy days in Cairns! I threw in a few extras from other events too, enjoy!


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