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Wrapping it Up/ Advice for Future Students

The past two weeks I have been thinking about what I wish I would have known before I came or when I arrived in Cardiff.
One thing I wished would have been stressed more before I came is the UK academic style compared to the U.S. school system. The transition def was not as easy as I assumed it would be. Course-work, language usage, along with the structure of the class are some of the main differences. Future students should be prepared to be frustrated at times, but please do not let your frustrations consume your study abroad. I’m not sure how many deep breaths I had to take or how many times I had to tell myself God did not bring me over here to fail, but to excel.

As it relates to the cultural sc1nce I wish I would have signed up for facebook notification of Cardiff events; as a resut of late sign-up I missed the performance of Kyla & the Funky Cousins (uk funky house music artist).

Though I have never been much of a jeans and tshirt girl, I decided to pack mostly jeans and tshirts, because they are easy to pack. In the UK, many universities are not fine with jeans and tshirt wearing female students. Most female students dress up for class. So future students do not be surprised.

Since most UK universities do not have student meal plans, most students cook thier own meals or order out. For the first month and a half I ordered out. Finally, I decided to go to the grocery store to save more money. The amount of money I saved from cooking my own meals is incredible. I wish I would have started earlier.

Lastly, if you are a minority student preparing to study abroad understand and expect race relations to be very simliar and different to those of America. If you bear that in mind and keep a positive attitude, open-mind you won’t have any problems that you can’t overcome.

Okay so here is a list I would have developed about must see or do in Cardiff:
Brandi’s Best of Cardiff List:
Best Night-Club: Glam
Best sandwiches: Cafe in the Park
Best Splurge Store: House of Fraser
Best Budget Dept. Store: Primark
Best Grocery Store: Tesco
Best Snack: Toffee Waffles, Welsh Cakes
Best Prepaid Phone Service: Orange
Best Value Store: Poundland
Best Candy Bar: Daim
Best Pizza: Pizza Express
Must-see: Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Bay, Welsh Life Museum



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