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Argyll: The Forested Hills of Scotland

Throughout the semester, IFSA Butler planned weekend trips for us in Scotland. It was a perfect time to get away, relax, have some fun with friends, and see more of the beautiful country that is Scotland. Our first trip was to Argyll. Cut off for centuries from the rest of the country by the mountains and sea lochs that characterize the region, Argyll’s scatter of offshore islands which form part of the Inner Hebridean archipelago remains remote. However haunting its geographic loneliness may seem, Argyll boasts a rich variety of scenery, from lush, subtropical gardens warmed by the Gulf Stream to flat and treeless islands on the edge of the Atlantic. It is in the folds and twist of the countryside, the relationship between land and water, and the views out to the islands that the strengths and beauties of mainland Argyll lie.

I know sometimes my readers get tired of going through the unending paragraphs that appear to be my blogs. I do get carried away at times. So for the next two blogs I have decided to start with a short introduction and let my photographs do the rest of the telling. I hope you enjoy seeing the beauties of Argyll through my photos. Although I must confess, no picture could ever do justice to the landscapes and miracles of nature that exist there.

Benmore, where we stayed for the weekend: our own little castle at the foot of some of Argyll’s most beautiful tree-strewn hills

The inside of “our castle”

The view from one of the windows near my room

One of the many breathtaking sights I saw as I wandered the grounds. We had some time as we waited for the sun to go down before heading out for the night hike in the forests

The next day – our amazing Team #1 ready to go spelunking/caving/gorge scrambling!!

Amanda and I, wet and muddy after our gorge scrambling adventure. You would think we would be miserable; on the contrary, we were so happy because it was the most fun we had had in a long time!

After our mountain biking outing with Joe, the coolest guide ever!

Argyll’s landscape is as splendid in sunlight as it is enshrouded in mist

And a river ran through it: a gorge at the forest’s edge

We made a stop to view the serene waters of Loch Lomond

A town near Loch Lomond,  the last shot I took before we made our way back home after a spectacular weekend


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