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things to expect, part 3

1.  Expect postage to be expensive:

•to send 3 postcards, it cost 46 pesos (around 12 USD)

•there is a fee to pick up packages

•there are strict rules regarding what you are permitted to send abroad

•the website:

2. Expect to see no to-go cups/containers, etc. Which means a lot of sitting & dining J

3.   Expect internet to fade in and out (save, save, save your work!).

4.   Expect to call flash drives= pen drives.

5. Expect to put in effort to get change (once when I bought ice cream, the vendor gave me extra scoops since she didn’t have change for me).

6. Expect minor earthquake tremors/temblors (there have been 7 so far, yet I’ve slept through all of them!).

7. Expect to wait all the time! Have a flexible schedule, and bring a book.

8. Expect the bus to be late (and crowded).

9.   Expect to see mate parties everywhere (and don’t refuse when offered!).

10. Expect girls to have long hair and rock skinny jeans (and sneakers, usually converse styles are popular)

11. Expect everyone (guys and girls) to have this type of bag.



12.  Expect to operate on military time (i.e. 3pm is 15:00. Just subtract 12!).

13.   Expect commas to substitute for decimals. For example: 9, 315 is 9.315.

14.   Expect N ⁰ to mean the number of something.

15. Expect to call cars autos, not coches


I also leave you with my (very short) video clips from Peru! All unedited, of course, but I hope you can get a sense of how amazing it was there! Parts I, II, III, IV (alpacas!), V (please ignore my stupid voice!), click on the Roman numerals!


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