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I’m back in Austin and not too jet lagged.  It was sad saying goodbye to everyone, even though I know it won’t hit me until later.  Right now I’m just so grateful to be home after a horrifying three-day travel experience where I was trapped in Heathrow airport.  Snow and Christmas don’t go together well in terms of travel.  It helps to say, “I’ll see you again.” I know I will be back in Europe soon.  I have so much to look forward to though: Christmas with my family, seeing my boyfriend for New Years, my wonderful school and the friends I have there.  I know it will really hit me in February.

I’m going to answer my expectations and oracles that weren’t answered well in other posts.  Queen’s has tons of international students and certain classes are only once a week, so I didn’t end up being the token American in a group of Irish friends.  I also lived with freshers and international students, so that didn’t foster that kind of interaction.  I met a lot of interesting people, including Belfast natives, but I was usually with my North Americans…(who I love!) Planning and figuring out travel is an amazing experience I think everyone should have.  It fosters an entirely different level of independence.

The Irish are friendly and welcoming.  Some make the joke that they are only mean to their own people.   I was definitely misled when someone told me that people don’t like to talk politics, as you can see from my other posts. There weren’t as many redheads as I’d expected.

While there are aspects of my experience that disappointed me, I value the opportunity of living in a place at such a momentous time in their history.  Even though I’m glad to be home it’s all I’ll talk about for a long time to come.



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