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Coming To An End…

The past few weeks have been filled with final papers and exams, but we’ve still managed to have a lot of fun in between!  The last few weeks, there was a festival called Vivid Sydney.  During this time, Sydney Harbor is filled with light shows and music concerts.  We spent about 4 nights there just walking around and watching the city light up!

My friend who is studying at the conservatorium ofmusic even invited us to a jam with a bunch of her other conservatory friends, so it was great to watch her perform.  And last night, a bunch of kids from my program went to hear her sing jazz at the Roxbury Hotel with the Graham Burns Quintet!

Aside from Vivid Sydney, things are beginning toslow down as people start to think about leaving.  We went to an IFSA Butler rugby game and had our farewell dinner at a Mexican Restaurant lastweek, and even though we have about two weeks left in the semester, it seems as though things are quickly coming to an end.

I still have one big trip left to Cairns (where I will get to see the Great Barrier Reef) and Melbourne.  My sister is flying in tomorrow, and will travel together for a week before I come back, take my last final and enjoy my last week in Sydney.  It’s been an incredible semester!


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