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Just Two Days Left…

Enjoying the snow with my brother.

In two days I depart for Egypt and yesterday my parents threw me a “going away” party where all of my closest friends attended. Even though I am excited for my new life ahead of me, yesterday it hit me that I was going to be far away from people I hold dear to my heart and started to get a bit teary eyed. Nevertheless, I have faith in Allah that everyone will be fine while I am gone. I have about 2/3 of my luggage packed and everyday that goes by I think of something else I need to stuff into my suitcase. Surprisingly, I am not nervous about the travels just extremely thrilled to get to Cairo so I can enjoy the warmer weather and not have to shovel snow for a change. One food item I hope to encounter at the market is plantains. Plantains are like potatoes in my culture, so if I can’t find them I think I am going to go through withdrawal. Don’t get me wrong, Egyptian food is delicious!!!


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