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¡Soy Soy!

My name is So Yeon, said together like Soyeon, pronounced Soyuhn, and punned So, yawn! But people (especially those from Spanish-speaking countries) call me Soy. Yes, like the bean and the sauce. And yes, I do say “Soy Soy” in Spanish when first meeting people. If you thought of that before you read it just now, don’t think you’re too clever. I’ve heard the whole gambit, so good luck with getting me to react to anything you come up with.

So you may have been able to guess that I am Korean from my name. I’m not actually an American, though you would never know unless I told you. I speak English like a native, because I kind of am a native. I lived in America for longer than in my own country, South Korea, and though my permanent address is in Korea now, I’m living in America on Wellesley College campus as a student. And at the moment, I’m living in Argentina on the study abroad summer program by IFSA-Butler.

I’ve been studying Spanish since my first year of high school, and since I’ve just finished my first year of college, it’s been a little more than five years. Spanish had at first been a replacement for a French class I couldn’t take, but now it plays a significant role in my life. I’m here in Argentina to improve my Spanish, learn new things, make great memories, experience Argentine culture, and meet incredible people. This laundry list of clichés speaks the truth.

I’ve actually been a horrible blogger and haven’t posted anything yet. And now more than half the program has gone by. But, for now, my memory and journaling habit will have to help me with the recaps that will have to take place of the live, in-the-moment blogging. Don’t despair too much; my recaps will be fun reads (you can trust me) and I’ll soon be writing as in-the-moment as I can.

So for this first recap, I’ll bring you the most recent tidbit of gossip.

Daniel, our program director, creepily tries to win people over. He makes people want to be his best friend. He uses his giddy laugh and perpetual smile just make people anywhere in somewhat near proximity think they’re happy. He’s notorious. Let’s be honest, that perpetual smile can’t be real. Along with Griselda, our academic advisor, and Goyo, our activities coordinator that may be a student crush, they are the three musketeers of student advising and of happy goofiness.

Just Daniel casually on the see saw with IFSA student Sara

And of course there are so many more people including all my fellow students and many of the advisors and professors. You’ll soon hear about them all. Muahahaha.

The boys all together

And all the girls.

In my clichéd list from above, you saw that meeting new people is one of the reasons I’m here in Argentina. Meeting new people can be tough. You don’t know what these people are thinking about you. They could be zoning out and admiring your sense of style or be truly listening to what you’re saying. It’s tiring to put on your meeting-new-people face and not being completely yourself. Especially when you are meeting people from places and backgrounds that you are not used to, it’s hard to know what to expect. It’s been pretty great so far, and you can see all the students on the program from the picture above. But meeting new people can be so rewarding with lasting friendships and memories. Especially when people are as wonderful as they are here, not much can go wrong.



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