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rainbows, monografías, and winter in July

Sunday, June 24 

So I know it’s been like years since I’ve written anything, but that’s obviously because I’ve been doing everything!  haha Or at least that’s what I’ll say my excuse is for now.  But yep, I’m still abroad!! Still in classes!  It’s like I go to high school in the northeast or something when they don’t graduate until nearly July.  poor kids.  (in AR, we were free in May, but the majority of Tulane kids thought I was crazy when I told them that bc they’re all from up north)

Realtalk though, I have done a lot of awesome stuff over the past howeverlongit’sbeen and I’ll give y’all a little taste of that with some pictures and videos below!

Buuut the reason I’m finally getting around to writing this old thing again is obviously because I have other more important things to be writing.  So of course, I choose to write about my life rather than my 12-page human rights paper (monografía).  The paper’s chugaluggin along, but it’s definitely been a struggle to remember what it’s like to do homework, other than reading and writing papers with a 2-pg limit.

Which brings me to one of the most bizarre things about studying abroad in a different hemisphere–it’s WINTER here!! Which means while all of my friends at home are running around in bathing suits and sundresses and not in class, I’m here bundling up, still in my boots, and taking finals.  Hilarious sidenote: one of my friends from home, who will remain unnamed to prevent embarrassment, messaged me that she was jealous that I was going to come back so tan.  I had to remind her that I’m a little bit further down on the map, so the 30-40 degree weather hasn’t been so conducive to loungin in my bikini. 😉  But even though I should have expected it, well I did expect it, it’s still weird to actually live in the opposite season during this time of year.  However, the weather lately has been gorgeous and in like the 50s-60s so it’s perfect for explorin’ and doing fun things.  Thank god I have so much free time to do just that…oh wait, just kidding :( haha but my time is coming! I just hope it’s still as pretty when I’m free to enjoy it!

That’s one sad thing about not having done much throughout the semester–everything is piled on at the end of the semester, which happens to obviously coincide with the last two-three weeks before we all go back home.  So, I CANNOT wait until this coming Thursday at 7pm, which is when I will officially be donezo with the semester.  Right now, though, it seems like years away because I still have papers, presentations, and exams between now and then.  I’m so excited to be able to do fun things and just enjoy my last few days in the city.

One of my good friends here turned 21 Friday, which is sadly not at all a big deal here.  haha But at least we made it as big of a deal as we could.  Saturday night, I brought her over some goodies and a couple of bottles of champagne for our mini-celebration.  I wish we had videoed us trying to open the bottle…First, she struggled with it because obviously she should pop it for her birthday.  But she wasn’t having much luck, so I wisely took my teeth to the plastic pull-tab.  I thought I might lose an eye, but I was very careful and only pulled on it with my teeth until I could get it with my hand.  haha and I still have both of my eyes.  So then I handed it back to her right before the plastic strip was completely off so she could pop it…as she pulled it hard and carefully aimed away from both of our faces, the strip came off clean, but no pop! so anti-climactic! so theeenn, I took another shot at it and realized it had little slots to push it off, so I handed it back to her to make the final effort and get the POP!  Of course, it wasn’t budging, so I took another shot at it and it slowly started easing out.  I was wiggling it up and out slowly but surely and was ready for it to just slide off unexcitingly, when it finally decided to shoot out like a bullet, luckily at the ceiling and not at my face.  Obviously we both screamed at the top of our lungs like we’d been shot and then died laughing at how ridiculous we felt.  It did actually terrify me though! hahahaha and luckily her host mom wasn’t home and no neighbors came to ask if anyone had died.  So we enjoyed the bottle of champagne and then went for a late dinner (11pm) which is pretty normal here for Saturdays.  I found a 30% off deal for El Estanciero, which is a parilla–steak/grill restaurant, over in a semi-swanky part of the city.  So we ate amazing steaks and drank a delicious red wine that we had never tried before and talked about how weird it will be to go home.

I’m ready for it to feel like reverse culture-shock when I get back to the US.  Like, hearing so much English is just going to be weird.  I heard these guys saying some kind of rude stuff in English the other day on the bus, and I almost died laughing when an Argentine told them to shut the **** up (in English) and be more mindful of what they say in public.  Obviously, when I do speak in English, I’m aware that there are a lot of people here that might understand me, but when I get back to the States, it’s just going to be bizarre knowing that everyone understands me.  Also, it’s going to be harder to tune people out.  hahaha Like, in Spanish, if I want to listen to what people are saying, I can, but it’s a lot easier to just focus on my reading on the bus/in a park and not listen to everyone around me.  In the US, everyone’s louder and harder to tune out.  :)  It’s little things like this that I think will really take me by surprise the first few weeks when I get back.  Which is why I’ll be writing at least one more blog post (maybe more!) about those strange little/giant changes.

In the mean time, enjoy my pictures from barrio chino (chinatown) and Iguazú!


super market in barrio chino (chinatown), BsAs, Argentina

Cataratas del Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

Cataratas del Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

Las Cataratas del Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

so I bought it for the pretty packaging, but they turned out to be somethingsweet-covered peanuts. glad I’m not allergic!
barrio chino, Buenos Aires, Argentina


super market in barrio chino: so much fresh seafood!

Cataratas del Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina





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