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Not All Those who Wander are Lost

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

~ Ursula K. LeGuin

Flying home across the Atlantic

I am writing to you from home soil, which consequently means this will be my last blog. I have been trying to decide whether this is a happy end or a rather melancholic beginning. To me, there is always a little of both. Leaving a country you became so enchanted with is quite a bittersweet experience. After all, you never miss a destination. It is lovely to come home, to be back in a place I know so well. Home not only provides the comforts of familiarity but of familial love as well. After being across seas for nearly half a year I have learnt that there is much truth in the old saying “home is where the heart is.” I have been spending my first days here in the lovely town of Perrysburg doing all those things I dearly missed: lying down in the hammock in our back yard to read in the beautiful Midwestern summer weather, playing tennis with my little brother, walking along the river trails, cooking all kinds of Brazilian foods and desserts for Tata and Tommy’s June birthdays, seeing my old friends from high school, going out to the range to practice archery, visiting the Toledo Art Museum and going to symphony concerts at the Peristyle where I myself used to perform, going to library book sales with Mom and coming home with bags of books to add to my personal library, playing my cello both at home and at church, taking bike rides with Tommy, picking out classical music records to play while I bake or cook, and attending all of Perrysburg’s events (Memorial Day Parade, sculpture show, re-enactments at Ft. Meigs, etc.) with my family.

Taken at the Perrysburg Memorial Day Parade; to me, this joyful man represents much of the outlook of the people in our community…it is the perfect home to return to

The littlest baton twirler at the Perrysburg Memorial Day Parade

A clown and his unicycle at the parade

The go-cart men are a favorite

The cloisters at the Toledo Museum of Art

The Peristyle at the Toledo Museum of Art, where the Toledo Symphony performs and where I performed when I was in the Toledo Youth Symphony

Sculpture at the Garden; these are pieces by artists of  the Toledo Area Sculptor’s Guild, which my mom is a member

I convinced Mom to read Jane Eyre with me; took this while reading with her on the front porch during a rainy day

The hammock in our backyard; my favorite spot to read

While all of this is wonderful, I do miss Scotland’s magical landscape and its people, who live with such gusto. Looking back on it I wish I had had a year as opposed to a semester. It is not that my adjustment was difficult. In fact it was quite the opposite: adapting to life there was rather quick and I had no trouble being away from home, I was so overwhelmed with new sights and new settings. However, with more time I could have seen more of that beautiful country. Despite the fast flow of time (in my mind) I took away much from the experience of living and studying abroad. I come home feeling more independent, mature, learned, inspired, and above all eager to share the stories of my journey with others. This I will do; they are too wonderful to be kept to myself.

And so I say “Alba oidhche mhath” (“Goodnight Scotland”)…for I will wake up to walk along your shores and atop your hills once again.


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