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“How Lucky Are We to Have Something That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard?”

I give up on updating about my break trip. We saw pretty much all of the South Island. We went to Queenstown where I bungy jumped and ate Fergburger. Bungy Jumping was my absolute favourite experience in New Zealand so I highly recommend you do it if you come to New Zealand! Even if you are terrified – it is so much fun.

We explored Fiordland National Park and went on a cruise through Milford Sound. The next day we made our way to Invercargill and then Stewart Island. It was really cold on Stewart Island so it would have been much more enjoyable in the summer. Wanaka was beautiful and we had a great hike at Mt. Cook. We had a minor set-back 100km outside of Christchurch when a rock flew up and cracked the winshield but Student Safe insurance covered it so it was no big deal.

Since being back from break, I have been spending time with my close friends just enjoying everyday life in Wellington: Going shopping at the markets on Saturdays and Sundays, celebrating birthdays with surprises, cakes, and balloons, getting Cafe Eis gelato and half-price food, seeing town at night, and watching movies in the flat. I have really grown to love the people I have met here and watching them leave one by one is heartbreaking. I have been trying to savor every moment. I really just can’t wait to see them all again. Now I have an excuse to visit Spain! My plan is to save as much money as possible over the next few years so I can travel. Allison and I want to take a trip through Europe.

I leave for the airport in 3 hours. I said goodbye to one of my best friends 2 hours ago and I haven’t been able to sleep. I will be heading off to Fiji for 6 days. It’s bittersweet: I’m going to Fiji but I am most definitely not ready to leave New Zealand yet. I wish there was more time. But I know this is only the start of so many adventures to come. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Wellington has become home to me. I am tethered to this place and I know I will be back one day after I have the chance to see other places on my list. But I’ll be back, so I won’t say goodbye. See you later, New Zealand.



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