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The Return Home

I have officially been back in the United States for 1.5 weeks and it’s strange how fast I have adjusted to being home. Yes, there are some things that have been hard to get used to. Often times I look around frantically in an effort to try to find a place to throw away my toilet paper or I forget to grab a jacket on my way out of the door. But home is home, and I instantly readjusted to my salad eating, mountain running, friend visiting ways as if I had never packed up my things and lived in a foreign country.
Despite the easy adjustment, I realize it is only that way because I know in a week I will be returning to Mérida. I didn’t have to say goodbye to the friends, family, and country I have grown very close to over the past four months. Instead I get a nice vacation at home before returning to Yucatán to continue where I left off.
And I already have plans for when I return. One of my friends from the restaurant I work at every time I return home to California, offered me the opportunity to stay with her friend in Mexico City. She tells me the family, although poor, is very excited to have me and yesterday I was able to see that for myself. I told them I could stay for four days and they repeatedly asked me, “Why four? Why not eight!?” The hospitality they have shown towards someone they have never met and have no real connection to is overwhelming. I can’t wait to get a real tour of Mexico City from people who actually live there. Additionally, if time and money hold out, I would love to see another part of Mexico, whether it be Monterrey or Nayarit. Lastly, I really want to start volunteering with elderly people within the Mérida community. However, many of the nursing homes do not want any help at all, so hopefully I will be able to convince them that my efforts and assistance will be worthwhile. All in all, I’m very excited for all the things I will be able to do next semester—especially since I already know the area and will not have to make such a drastic adjustment.


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