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Significant Insignificance

A few weekends ago, I made a trip with some friends to the Iguazu waterfalls.

The weekend didn’t start too well: I missed the bus ride, waited four hours at the terminal for the next one, took the 18 hour bus ride alone, couldn’t get my cell phone working, and thus couldn’t find my friends who were already in Iguazu.

But as I staggered into the park, desperate to finally have some social interaction after spending the equivalent of a day alone, my phone finally began to work, and easily found my friends (perhaps the happiest moment of the trip) just in time to go see some of the beautiful waterfalls.

One of the best things of the trip (besides being able to see the magnificent waterfalls) was meeting new people and having moments of coincidences. By moments of coincidences, I am referring to the seeing the same people that you know you’ve seen before. The first day at the falls, a French man in a bright orange jacket asked me about directions. The next morning on another bus, I saw the same man sitting a few seats from me. The second day, on the way back to the hostel, we met a French couple who I later spotted back near the hostel, and another girl who ended up sitting across from me in the bus back to Buenos Aires. At dinner the first night, we met friends of friends and friends of friends of friends and all had a good time. The following day, Anna from Germany and Karen from Switzerland went to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu falls together with Sara Zaidi from the program with an British passport and me with a Korean passport. We spent a fantastic day together making wonderful memories at one of the most beautiful places that I’ve had the luck to visit.

The falls were an incredible sight. Water fell from all corners of my vision, blending with the white and blue of the sky. The mist caused by the falls, the sheer size of them, the beautiful sunlight hitting the perpetually changing surface of the water were breathtaking. Perfectly shaped rainbows reminiscent of those that I drew as a little girl appeared everywhere. The grandeur of everything couldn’t be captured in one look or one photograph. It couldn’t be captured, ever. Blinking felt like a waste of time. Not only was the view amazing, but also the sound just as amazing. The boat ride that takes you into the falls is also an overwhelming experience. The sound of gushing water like a flood was coming from sky, and at time, the sound of water simply trickling was amazing. All of the senses had to exist together at once. Simply existing in the near presence of something natural and so magnificent was amazing. Just thinking about it makes me excited.

Thus, Iguazu is a must. Especially if you are ever in Argentina. Being in their presence makes you wonder of the greater and deeper questions in life, as well as appreciate the smaller things and being in the moment. But you also feel like part of something so much greater, and that feeling of insignificance feels so significant.

Aron, Andrew, Calvin, Jessica, Carolyn, Sara, Hannah, Katy

Katy and Carolyn taking selfies.

Carolyn, Katy, and I

Calvin, Andrew, Aron, and Carolyn

Andrew doing the opposite of what the sign says.

Hannah, Calvin, and Katy at dinner.

Everyone together at dinner.

Carolyn, me and Jessica.

Karen from Switzerland and Ann from Germany.

The Argentine side of the falls taken from the Brazilian side.

Rainbows everywhere.


Me at the bottom platform of the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls.


And again.

And last time.

No words.


Taken from a boat.

Me on the boat.

Another from the boat.

Rainbow from the boat.


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