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Buenos Aires Bound

A few days from departing for Argentina, the realization that I am leaving has just begun to set in.  I have never travelled outside the United States before and though I am excited view another part of the world, my travels still seem to lie a ways away.  However, I think my lack of foreign travel provides me with a unique perspective through which to view the culture of Argentina.  It is on this blog that I plan on chronicling my adventures in Buenos Aires and the surrounding area bi-weekly for the five-month duration of my trip.  Considering I have yet to leave, I realize that there is not much to post, however, I want to provide a bit of insight into my decision to travel to Argentina and my mindset prior to departure.

At Davidson College, I approached Spanish, or Castillano, as it is known in Argentina, with a bit of trepidation.  Despite a few semesters of high school Spanish and my school’s high Spanish-speaking population, my skills ended at asking the time and perhaps waving my arms and repeating baño to let my teacher know that I needed to use the restroom.  However, at college, I found Spanish to be enjoyable and my abilities quickly improved, leading to my decision to improve my Spanish in Buenos Aires.   The language also lends itself nicely to my major, political science, especially since I have a particular interest in the international.

While I have very little idea about what my daily life in Argentina will be like, I am eagerly awaiting to meet my host family, a husband and wife that live on the eighth floor of an apartment building in the Recoleta district of BA.  Considering I have lived in either a suburban home or a dorm room all my life, I am intrigued to get a taste of urban living.  I am also anticipating an escape from the triple-digit North Carolina heat to what promises is chilly-yet-pleasant winter weather.  Packing has proved to be more challenging than anticipated.  Multiple seasons combined with the length of the trip make it tough to decide what to bring and what to leave back at home.

Through this blog I hope to provide both anecdotes from my trip and a commentary on my larger study-abroad experience, which will in all likelihood will be punctuated by hilarious misunderstandings as I attempt to speak Spanish with the locals, though ideally there will be less of those as the semester progresses.  I also plan to feature many pictures from my journey in BA and other locations in the southern cone.   I hope you will continue to follow my adventures throughout the semester!  ¡Hasta que llegue en BA!


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