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Back in los Estados Unidos

My IFSA-Butler program ended about three weeks ago and I’ve been back in the US for

almost a week and a half. My mom and sister came at the end and we spent another

week in Costa Rica traveling to Monteverde and Manuel Antonio. It was a lot of fun but

really strange to still be in Costa Rica but away from my host family and my friends from

my program! I think I started experiencing my first wave of reverse culture shock then. Being back

in the US is still really different than what I remeber.  Driving for the first time in 5 months was

horrifying, ordering food in English was really weird too! It took me a while to remember

common English courtesies. At the airport in Newark was the first time anyone spoke English

to me, other than my family, and it threw me for a loop! It’s definitely been hard being back

and getting ready for my real university to start. I have to start working again, buy textbooks,

and basically just try to adapt to my life again. I miss the Costa Rican lifestlye a lot. It’s

way more laid back. I’ve started noticing how much people complain about everything!

In Costa Rica everything is “pura vida” and people just go with the flow. I definitely miss

that! Being back at home is nice too. I really missed my friends and family so seeing them has

been a lot of fun! People are always asking “How was Costa Rica?” It’s so hard to respond

to that question because how can I put the last 5 1/2 months of my life into a simple answer?

Or I’ve also got “What’s your best story from Costa Rica?” I have no idea! There are so many

good memories and funny stories there’s no way I can pick just one! Try deciding what the

best story of the past 5 months of your life was, it’s not so easy! Anyway, this program and

experience has been a lot of fun! I really changed as a person, my Spanish definitely got better,

I made so many new friends and so many great memories! I know I’ve been changed forever

and I can’t wait to use this experience as a learning opportunity for the rest of my life!

I wouldn’t change any of it and I still can’t believe it’s already over! It’s true that your study

abroad experience will pass at the blink of an eye. My advice is don’t take any moment

for granted and even though it seems extremely difficult at times, it’s totally worth it.



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