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Ready To Go

Hi guys, my name is Evan Senie, and I’ll be studying this semester in Heredia, Costa Rica. The past week or so for me has been largely made up of saying goodbye to people I won’t be seeing for a while. Last week I went down to Connecticut and visited most of my dad’s side of the family at my cousin’s graduation party. Then for the 4th of July I went to Cape Cod and spent some time with my grandfather and my brother. I also used the opportunity to try out my camera (I offered to be a picture blogger and had to go buy a camera).

Here are a few pictures from the Cape:


The goofy looking kid in the middle picture is my brother. He and I decided to wander around a bit during the middle of the day and ended up at this marsh next to the ocean when none of the beaches would allow us to park for free. I’ve always been close with my brother and it’s been nice spending time with him while I’ve been home.

I drove him back to our town that evening and we made it in pretty good time, despite getting stopped after a major accident on the highway.

By the time we reached the accident there were only policemen and an intimidating helicopter perched on the side of the road.


When we got home we decided to rush over to a fireworks show:

I’m not really sure what that yellow thing is. It showed up in a bunch of the photos.

This was one of my favorites.

I don’t really know what to write for the captions to these but since I wrote one for the first two I will for this one as well. Here is very amateur-looking photograph of a firework with an unidentified yellow light in the corner.


We didn’t actually make it to the field to sit for the show but we parked on top of a hill and set up lawn chairs right there. I was very proud of these photos because I had to time the picture and click before the firework went off in order to capture it at the right time. I felt less proud when I picked up the Boston Globe the next day and saw the beautiful cover photo of the fireworks show. Oh well, at least you can basically tell what they are.


Now that I’ve pretty much said my goodbyes I’m looking forward to leaving on Sunday. I’ve got an early flight and if everything goes well I should be in Liberia (where I will spend my first week) by 2 pm. I’m very excited about meeting all the other study abroad students and getting acclimated. People keep asking me if I’m excited and if I’m nervous and since those have been such common questions I’ll answer them here for anyone who is going to do this program in the future. I’m not sure it will help at all. I am very excited about the whole program, seeing the beautiful country, meeting the people (who I’m told are extraordinarily friendly), and studying in a different college system. Just about everything I’ve been told about Costa Rica and the program has been positive, the exception being that I picked the rainy season, so I’d better prepare myself for some rain. In terms of being nervous, the only thing I am really worried about is the language issue. I have taken some high level Spanish courses at my university but I’m rusty after the summer break and I think that switching entirely into Spanish will be overwhelming at first. That being said, It seems that the program directors are very accommodating and I’ve got a couple of orientation weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Alright, that’s it for my pre-departure post, I look forward to arriving in Costa Rica this weekend!


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