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Let’s be nonchalant

After five weeks, I finally felt like I made some meaningful relationships, which if you remember was one of my goals for the program. Because our sixth week of the program is essentially free for us to travel or explore without hindrance on our schedule with classes, last Friday was essentially the last day for us to meet all together as one big group. With plans to travel during the entirety of the following week, I was anxious to have to say goodbye to most of my fellow students.

With a gathering planned by IFSA, all of us met at a bar called Bar6 in the chic part of town, Palermo. I was so bundled up and antsy about saying goodbye, that I bopped around the bar talking to everyone and saying my informal goodbyes. With my camera, to which I was extremely attached to, I took pictures of and with basically everyone. I had even organized a dinner for all of the students in the program for after the gathering. The dinner ended up falling through, my camera ended up being pick-pocketed, and I didn’t actually make my formal goodbyes with most people.

After the reunion at a bar close to Bar6 that a group of us went to, when I realized that my camera was missing, I had a breakdown. After a countless number of friends comforted me, I realized that I had missed the entire point. Being stressed about saying goodbye wasn’t going to make saying goodbye any easier or more meaningful. Also, saying goodbye properly wasn’t going to make my experiences with people any more meaningful either. The meaningful experiences and memories would be remembered, not any last-minute-posed-for-photo. Though still upset about the loss of my camera which really meant a lot to me (For some babies are actual babies, cars, or houses. For me, my baby was my camera), I have come to appreciate more and more the meaning of memories as memories in our heads and our imaginations, as well as our entire experiences instead of stressing about goodbyes.

In addition, having to travel without my baby for more than a week, though difficult, also made me realize the importance of being in the moment and of taking in the experience physically. With my camera, I had been attached to creating beautiful pictures and documenting every moment. But, I had only been partially experiencing the moments when I was constantly attempting to take pictures. And so, from every bad event, comes a lesson learned (or a few). Also, on a minor note, I had property insurance which I purchased before the trip. A very good idea. A must: buy property insurance! Also, take extra care of all your belongings, especially in a city like Buenos Aires.

So, toodaloo folks (I say nonchalantly)!


P.S. No photos!


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