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Fiji was amazing. It was so beautiful. The water was so clear and so perfectly blue.

The first night we stayed at Smuggler’s Cove hostel near Nadi airport. I ended up getting sick from I don’t know what and was throwing up the whole next morning. We got on a ferry at 8:30am and travelled 4.5 hours around the Yasawa Islands and finally got to our resort. We stayed at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort and I am so glad we did. It was sort of expensive but we stayed in a dorm room to help cut costs. It was a beautiful resort and I had zero complaints. The food was always delicious and the beach in front was amazing and had a huge coral reef.

One morning we did a mountain hike around Nacula Island. This was a mostly uphill hike for 3 hours and one of the hardest I’ve done in such scorching heat and humidity but it was well worth it to see the amazing views!

After the hike we visited the village and saw a traditional dance before we went to the market and were able to buy hand-made necklaces and rugs.

Snorkelling the reef was my favorite part of our stay. There were so many pretty fish and we even got to see some baby stingrays and some neon-colored fish! Besides all the extra activities, we just spent a lot of time reading on the beach. It was really nice to just have all that time to relax after a stressful finals period.


We had a 10 hour flight from Fiji to LA and then a 10 hour layover in LA before the flight home to Cleveland. I finally got home at 6:30am yesterday and have been keeping busy with friends since then!



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