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Flying This was the view out of my plane window on the flight over, and my first glimpse of Australia!

Noosa This is Noosa.  The first beach we went to and where we stayed at our orientation for ifsa-butler study abroad Australia program.  Unfortunately we only had one sunny day here but it was gorgeous and I had my first surfing lesson there.  A little further inland there were kangaroo’s everywhere.

St. Johns After orientation it was time for me to fly to Sydney and move into St. Johns College.  This is a picture of it from the back across the rugby pitch.  Hogwarts much?  As one of our college songs proclaims, it has become my ‘home of joy and bliss’.

my room When we first arrived a conference had our rooms booked so we stayed down a different hallway with single bedrooms and sinks.  This is the room that I’m living in for the semester.  I have a bunch of stuff on my bed because I took the picture while I was packing for spring break in Fiji!  But lets be real, my room is usually a little cluttered.  A few things on the wall I brought from home, but most of it is collages I made here.  A cheap, fun way to decorate.

Peace Garden This is called the Peace Garden.  It is my favorite spot at St. Johns.  There are tons of grassy knolls hidden here and there around campus.

Manly Beach The picture really doesn’t do justice to Manly Beach (yes that’s really it’s name).  It is my favorite beach in the Sydney area.  I’ve only been once because it’s kind of far and you have to take a ferry to get there.  It’s definitely worth the trip though and the ferry ride over is a nice ride.

Sydney I took this picture on the ferry over to Manly Beach.  It’s pretty much Sydney in a nutshell.  The city skyline, opera house, and the bridge. I climbed over the top arch of the bridge!

bike tour I not only saw the city from the ferry, but by bike as well (and via walking and buses of course).  This pic is from the bike tour (which was free thanks to ifsa butler Australia study abroad program!)  That’s why I’m wearing the super cool red helmet in this shot.

dsc00349-large.JPG This is one of my favorite scenic shots of the trip.  There is a cliff walk that goes from Bondi beach to Coogee beach.  I highly recommend doing it.

tourista Typical tourist shot.  Didn’t want all my pictures to be just scenery…  This is also on the Bondi – Coogee walk.

surf camp Surf camp!!  I had a lot of fun that weekend and even managed to catch a few waves.  I was too lazy to take a bunch of pictures that weekend, but this one was from the second day.  We spent the weekend at a place called Seal Rocks a few hours North of Sydney.  Beautiful place.  The one wierd thing was that the sand squeaked when you walked on it because there is silicon in it or something.

That’s it for now, I’m sure there will be more pictures later!


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