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Returning to Mérida

Its 10:30 at night and here I am again sitting in yet another airport. Sometimes I feel that I pass more time in airports than I do anywhere else. I feel restless – always hopping from one place to another. In fact, while this summer I have the opportunity to go to both India and Africa, I almost long for a relaxing summer doing the typical college internship 9-5 day. Yet who can pass up such wonderful opportunities? At the age of 20, I have already had the chance to see so much more of the world than most people see in a lifetime. My great uncle, for example, has not traveled more than 30 miles from his Wisconsin farm in his whole life. My understanding and perception of the world are much more complex through my opportunity to see and interact and live in such different cultures from my own. On the other hand, these explorative opportunities do not permit me to spend time with my friends and loved ones at home. The more time I spend away from home, the more I realize how blessed I am to have such an intricate and extensive web of support. My parents put up with my lack of certainty about what the future holds and my constant change of plans and my “brilliant” new ideas. My friends comfort me when I feel homesick or confused and encourage me to continue my journeys. But I rarely get the chance to just sit back and enjoy home.

Anyway, that will all sort itself out in the future. Right now, I am heading back to Mérida. I am horribly sad to be leaving home yet again. This time I am certain that when I return after this semester, many of my friends will have decided to stay at their respective schools for the summer. Despite this, I am excited to head back to Mexico. Talking to my friends in Mérida through Skype or Facebook chat leaves me feeling energized and excited to embark on yet another semester in Yucatán. I’m excited to see familiar faces and meet the new students in the program. I want to see if Dana has begun to walk and introduce the S’more to the grandkids in the household (who can resist toasting marshmallows in 80 degree weather over a hot stove?). I’m excited for sitting around my friends’ living rooms laughing at cheesy jokes and eating Japanese peanuts. It will be so interesting to see how this semester compares to the last, I can’t wait to arrive and start yet another adventure.


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