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There are things that I’m truly beginning to miss more and more each day.

I really do love living in Ireland because I’ve traveled some amazing places, made a ton of new friends, and learned so much from the study abroad Ireland program, but there are days that greatly miss home. Being here has made me realize that overall Ireland is pretty similar to America and in many ways, but it just seems to behind a few years. I also appreciate the fact that I get live so easily here because everybody speaks English and most of the time there isn’t too much miscommunication.

I haven’t found too many things that I really dislike about Ireland, but many times I feel it is lacking. Little conveniences of home like 24 hour stores is something that I wish they had more of in Ireland. Most places close at 6 PM, which can really put a time strain on planning my day. Back in the U.S, I’m used to being able to go to a store and get what I need at any time of the day. I have also become accustomed to the bus system. It’s not the fastest way of getting places, especially because the buses rarely run on time, but it’s my best option. Little things like these can make life frustrating at times because it isn’t convenient or very accommodating to much schedule, but I make it by alright.

Lately I’ve been craving a lot of foods from home. For the most part the food in Ireland is pretty much the same and you can usually find what you’re looking for in the grocery stores. However, there will be times that I get hungry for a particular kind of food and then I realize I can’t have it because they just don’t have it here. The two foods that I miss the most that I have been dying for are mac-n-cheese and Mexican food. They seemed like pretty typical foods to me and I have found some similar stuff, but it just doesn’t match up to my expectations. Food seems like such a trivial thing to be thinking about during my time abroad, but when I cook for myself a lot I like to make what I know.

Then there are all my friends and family that I miss the most. It’s been nice to have all the technology available to me so that I can keep in contact through email and Skype because otherwise I would have been much more homesick this semester. Even so, I know that things are changing back in Minnesota while I’m gone and there’s a bunch of things that I’m missing out on. I realize that even though I’m missing out on fun at home, I get to have a once in a lifetime experience participating in the Ireland study abroad program. It really is a great time, and I know that I can wait another month to see people when I get home in about a month.


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