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A Distant Land – Lubbock, Texas

I am currently experiencing a trip before THE trip here in the dry, west Texas air of Lubbock. Costa Rica must wait another 10 days, for I am in the midst of a week-long stay in the land of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. All it took to get here was 6 and a half hours of driving, a little bit of singing and dancing in the car, and a small cherry limeade from Sonic. And it was totally worth it! Though while Emily is beginning a new semester of school and life here, I am forced to wait patiently for the unkown that awaits me in Heredia.

Things like exchange rates and calling cards have become commonplace in my conversation these days as I am preparing to learn to do normal things a little differently. I have been told some places take US dollars, others require colones (Costa Rican currency), wait to change currency until arrival, never exchange money with street vendors, I need a departure fee to leave Costa Rica, and on and on. However, in this whole process I am pleased to report that I feel less than overwhelmed. I am more ready and excited than anything.

My host mom reminded me to bring a suit jacket with me for Julio’s wedding, which of course got me all excited again about attending. Going through this whole wedding preparation process myself, it will be interesting to observe how a Costa Rican family handles it. I’m sure there will be some sort of mental note-taking on my part at the wedding, but probably more dancing than anything! That’s why I was practicing my moves on the way to Lubbock. Although I’m sure they can show this white boy a lot about what it means to dance with a Latino flavor. As for now, I’m going to keep my American spices alive here in the great state of Texas until I begin to join them with those of a more distant land.


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  1. Maggie Says:

    Hey Ben!
    I was checking out the study abroad blog to see if I should start mine here, and I noticed that the first entry was by another person headed to Costa Rica!!! Just have to say…sounds like you’re as excited as I am about this whole deal, though I still have some details to wrap up. On that note–do you mind sharing which phone/phone card you ended up getting? Anyway, hope the rest of your prep works out ok. I look forward to meeting you soon!! (oh, and Sonic’s cherry limeades are deeeelicious–yumm) Thanks and have a great night!

  2. Ben Says:

    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad to have another Costa Rican blogging with me!
    I don’t know if commenting on my own blog again is the best way to contact you, but I guess it will have to do. :) I actually have not bought a calling card yet. I think I’m going to wait until I’m in Costa Rica – it is probably cheaper that way. And if it is not (but I really think it will be), I can just have Emily buy one in America and use it to call my host family phone when I am available or something. Hopefully that is helpful to you… Good luck with the rest of your prep as well, and see you soon!

  3. Ben Says:


    I have an update on the situation if you still care:
    I bought a calling card at Wal-Mart in Texas for $25 with 500 min on it (although I think I get less international minutes).
    I am also going to be using skype; skype to skype is free, and for only $3 a month I can call from my skype to any phone in USA/Canada for unlimited minutes… how cool is that?!
    I will probably be seeing you like today or tomorrow anyways, but I figured I’d just let you know. Ciao!

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