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Just days before I leave

It is just a few days before I board the flight onto Egypt and I am starting to feel nervous. I have tried not to keep my expectations too high so that I will truly enjoy every moment in the country.

Tomorrow afternoon I board a train to Penn Station, New York, where my sister will pick me up. Then, on Monday I get dropped at the airport and away I go.
toothbrush? check
socks? check
notebook? check
passport? check

I have done the last bits of my luggage check and have a feeling that I am lugging around a little too much…I have a tendency to overpack, but I rather be over prepared than under prepared. Still, I do not think I am prepared in the sense that I do not know Arabic, and am unfamiliar with the culture. I plan to submerge myself in the language when I get there and see if I can just pick it up. It will definitely be difficult, but not impossible.


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