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Ahhh Mexico

It is officially week two in Mérida. The first week was blessedly cold – I kept a sweater on all day, had to turn on the heater to warm the shower water, and didn’t think once about turning on my fan before I crawled into bed. Unfortunately, the cool air has passed and the heat has once again settled over the city.
Studying abroad for a year was by far the best decision I have ever made. While I know I will still have days full of frustration and confusion, they will come with much less frequency. Each day I enter the facultad, I get excited knowing I am going to get to spend the day studying, chatting, and laughing with friends I already know well. Rather than walking around feeling slightly lost and out of place, I now feel as if I can attack AND conquer anything. Any timidness that remained from the past semester has disappeared.
My favorite night so far was last Thursday. Rebeca, my host Mom and I, went to eat taco arabes, small, handmade, pita-like tortillas covered with pork, onion, cilantro, tomato, and smothered in the most delicious, mouth-watering garlic sauce I have ever tasted. Yum!! Afterwards we went to see Avatar. I wasn’t planning on seeing the film, but who can say no to a free ticket? It ended up being one of my favorite movies of all time. For three hours I sat glued to the huge screen and didn’t once look at my watch. Not only was the landscape beautiful but the film also brought up very provocative questions about colonization, the environment, and where we want to go as a “modern” society.
Lastly, let me give you all a quick run down on my classes. I’m taking Spanish, Latin-American Culture and Thought, Caribbean Literature, Philosophy of History, and Latin-American Essays. All are interesting and I love all my teachers and the way they teach. (I made sure to chose teachers that appeared very organized this semester.) I am most excited about the philosophy class. Not only does my favorite teacher lecture, most of my friends from last semester are in it. Not all of my classes will be as fun however. I am scared my essay class will be very difficult and I hope all the extra effort I know I will have to put in to it will pay off in the end.


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