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So Long Sweet Summer

I can’t believe I just used a Dashboard Confessional song as the title to my blog.   It is extremely appropriate though.  As my friends and family back home are getting excited for the warmth and the occasional 80 degree day, things are turning to fall and getting much chillier.  Gone are the days of wearing shorts and tank tops and wasting days at the beach.  For some reason I thought the weather would always be warm and sunny when I thought about Australia study abroad programs.  Deep down I knew it wouldn’t be, but I still packed a few too many tank tops and just barely enough warm clothing.  I will probably buy a Sydney Uni sweatshirt to round out my “winter wardrobe”? over here.

As with the end of every other summer, it signals the beginning of heaps of school work.  I’ve been attending class for six or seven weeks now (half way done, yes!) but the work is really starting to kick in as the essays and readings and accounting homework piles up.  I guess it’s about time I got to the study part of my decision to study in Australia.  I don’t mind it though, it’s much nicer doing work in this Hogwarts-esq setting than it would be at University of Hartford.  Also taking some of my elective classes has been a good change of pace.

The weird thing about classes being halfway done, is that it means my study abroad experience is half way done as well!!  When I got here I felt like I had all the time in the world and going home was a life time away.  Upon realizing I only have 2 months left I feel like there’s not nearly enough time to do everything I’d like to.  As soon as I have time I’m going to try to plan a trip south to Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, and either Kangaroo or Phillip island, as well as a trip north to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.  For now I’m content to visit some more places around Sydney and get through my school work.

Unfortunately I got sand in my camera at Fiji, so no new pictures for a little while.  But the lack of pictures is definitely not from a lack of experience!  Last Wed was our huge college informal; a big party that we hosted as a way to raise money for our student club.  It was a huge success.   The tickets sold out and we had a couple dj’s for the night.  Last Saturday I went to a bar called Bungalow 8 in Darling Harbor.  The drinks were a little pricey (like everything is in Darling Harbor) but the atmosphere was great and I loved the music!  The music is definitely a key element in creating a good night.  Techno is very prevalent in Australia which I’m not a particularly huge fan of, and unenjoyable music equals little or no dancing.  However the music doesn’t always make that much of difference.  Last night for example I went to dinner at Pancakes on the Rocks and the 5 song Avril Lavigne set did not ruin my appetitie for the delicious chocolate strawberry pancakes I had.

Pancakes on the Rocks is pretty much a landmark in Sydney.  They have a few other Pancakes chains in other sections of town, and they all have extensive pancake and crepe options as well as some “regular”? dinner and breakfast food.  You can check it out at . I’m looking forward to checking out some more well known places in Sydney over the next few weeks.


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