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Acclimating to Buenos Aires

  This week included a major milestone in my Spanish speaking journey.  I walked into a Librería to make photocopies of my passport, a standard event in the US made challenging through language barriers.  As I stated what I wanted done, I waited for a confused response from the employee behind the desk.  To my surprise, he made the photocopies and I was on my way.  Honestly, in all my years of Spanish study, this simple moment may have been the most satisfying.

This week also included the awesome show, El Hombre Vertiente, translated literally as The Spring Man.  While one might assume that the show is about a super-hero that has the ability to make water trickle from his hands, you would only be half-right.   El Hombre Vertiente instead was an essentially plot-less spectacular with lots of water, a giant video-screen, and a man riding a giant, inflatable dragon over the crowd.  Unfortunately I do not have pictures because prior to the performance I assumed it was going to be a play and people usually do not look kindly upon taking flash-photography during your community theater’s performance of The Tempest.

Also this week I visited the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, which unlike El Hombre Vertiente, did ban flash photography.  The selection of art was stunning.  The museum contained art from roughly the past thousand years, the oldest I believe being a wooden, German statue.  However, the works that made the biggest impression on me were those of Rodin.  The castings’ size made an impression on me that can never be gleaned from a reproduction in a book or on the internet.  I was only able to spend a brief amount of time at the museum but due to its proximity to my apartment, I will most assuredly go back.

And thus concludes my second week in Buenos Aires.  I’m off to a rugby game this afternoon, and I will without a doubt have pictures.

Buenos Aires Train Station- Probably one of the most impressive civic buildings I have ever seen

Semi-Pro Rugby Match in San Isidro- The trip to San Isidro to watch CASI, a rugby team, play is my first trip outside the city


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