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In Costa Rica

Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been here a couple of weeks now. Things have been a bit crazy, but they’ve been really good. I spent my first week in Liberia, doing an orientation program that included hiking, learning traditional dances, and taking a trip to the beach. My first host family was really great, and I hope to visit them again before the end of the semester. They are both retired teachers who were funny and very welcoming. Liberia was beautiful, and it hardly rained, but it was extremely hot outside. At night it felt like it only got down to the mid seventies or eighty degrees. This was mitigated somewhat by a fan in my room but it was still a bit difficult to sleep. I didn’t take a ton of pictures there but I’ve got a few that I can post:

This is the beach we went to called “Playa Coco”. It rained a bit but it was still fun.

This is a shot of our campus in Liberia. It was pretty even though it is under construction.

This is a blue iguana that I followed around for a while. There are a lot of them in Guanacaste.

This is a picture of me and Kelsey in front of a tree that only grows in Guanacaste. In retrospect the tree should probably have been the focal point of the photograph. My bad.


Since we arrived in Heredia, I’ve done a lot. We went on another hike and went white-water rafting at a local river. We also spent part of one day at a spa. They have volcanic mud that they put on your face because it soothes your skin. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me. We went to a museum of art and then one of history during our visit to San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. We took a tour of Heredia with some UNA students as guides. It was a lot of fun, but I don’t remember where anything is other than my bus stop. This is important though, since I live in Santo Domingo, a town 15 minutes away from the school by bus. And I can’t remember if I said this in my last post, but there are no number addresses. So understanding the bus routes is key. Also, it is important to be comfortable being lost. I visited a friend in Alajuela, a town 30 minutes away by bus, and had basically no idea what I was doing. The people are friendly though, and if you ask enough times for directions, you tend to eventually find what you’re looking for. Anyway, I’ve got some more pictures here from my second week in Costa Rica. They show some of what I just described and also a weekend trip back to Guanacaste to go to the beach with a host brother and a bunch of his friends. I would like to note that the city is in the central valley, surrounded by mountains, and that since I live on top of a hill the view is gorgeous. I’ll put a picture of the mountains but my camera doesn’t do it justice.


This is Super Yurusti. A convenience store, and the closest thing I have to an address

This is from the art museum. I don’t know what else to say about it.

Here’s the mountains I was talking about. They’re on all sides and they’re pretty amazing.


These are the friends who took me to the beach. I know two of them have their eyes closed but whatever. Its hard to get five people to focus for any length of time.

How cool is this picture from the beach?


Hopefully the answer was “pretty freaking cool” because I took like 40. Fortunately I’m only subjecting you to a few.

Last one. The colors were awesome. Although I think my camera enhanced them a bit. I didn’t edit this.


Yesterday I started classes. It’s a bit intimidating since I feel like a foreigner and the professors talk too fast, but everyone is very nice and I think I will get accustomed to the language pretty quickly. Sorry for the wicked long post and the delay. I will try to post more regularly.

Pura Vida!


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