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Betsy, Bushball, and something else that starts with B… can’t think of one

On our way to Mt. CookHiking through the valley towards Mt. Aspiring

Hey there guys! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy having fun in Dunedin. I’ve been here for a little more than a month now, and I’m always surprised at how quickly time goes by here. My classes are going really well. I’m taking Directing, Design for Theatre, Voice and Movement, and Modern Aspects of Drama and Theatre. All the kiwis (new zealanders) in my classes are really friendly and outgoing, but I still have to struggle when the professor tells us to pair up or pick groups for projects haha. Always makes me a little uncomfortable. Regardless, my schedule is pretty great. I have no classes on Thursdays or Fridays. And yet I still feel as though I don’t have enough time on my hands. I got a part in a Lunchtime Theatre show. The show is Sure Thing by David Ives, a funny one act comedy. I’m looking forward to being in a show again.

I bought a car with three of my friends, for about 800 dollars. Obviously you get what you pay for, she runs, but she is fallin apart haha. Her name is good ole Betsy. She’s been holding up well, but as I said, she’s a piece of crap. Two weeks ago, we took a trip up to Mt. Cook/Aoraki, 4 hours northwest of Dunedin. Mt. Cook is where Gandalf fought the Balrog in the beginning of the second LOTR movie. Just  little note to keep in mind. It was beautiful walking around. We found a lake filled with glaciers at the base of the mountains. It was pretty incredible.

Betsy made it to Mt. Cook!

That same weekend that we went up to Mt. Cook, I went with the Ifsa-Butler group up to Naesby, for a curling/luging trip. As much as I make fun of curling for looking ridiculous, it is pretty hard. The stones weigh 20kg, but the hardest part isn’t sliding them, it’s doing gently so that you don’t overshoot the target. We also had a nice little run in with a group of sheep on the way…


Another weekend, we took old Betsy out to Sandfly Bay, on the Otago Peninsula. This place had to be one of my favorites. Making our way down to the bay, we took our shoes off and ran down a steep dune, into the bay. It was breathtaking. The wind was rolling over the sand, stirring up clouds of sand and dust. Sea lions lay out on the beach, sleeping, occasionally moving in order to pile sand on their bodies to keep them cool. The water was incredibly blue, and the sand was warm as we ran along the beach.

Asher, me, Andrew, and Pete, with our sea lion friend

This weekend we’re taking a day trip up to the Moeraki Boulders, these huge spherical boulders that are over 3 meters in diameter. The weather may not be the best, but it’ll still be pretty beautiful. Last weekend, a bunch of us went to Bushball with the Tramping Club. We drove 5 hours to Wanaka, about 60 of us, and we hiked through the valley of Mt. Aspiring, until we reached the Mt. Aspiring hut in the middle of the valley. We stayed over in the hut and had a crazy dance party. The theme was Into the Wild/ Animal Kingdom, you can only imagine how crazy it got.


Well that’s it for now, but I’ll post again soon


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