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Packing, Olympics, Packing…

Stillll need to pack









Yup, that would be a picture of an empty duffle bag. Not only is it empty, but less than 48 hours before I am supposed to board my flight to Lima I find myself with a bag that is too small and a dorm room that is as unclean and unpacked as it has ever been. Before the packing commences (and, yes, writing this blog post and watching the Olympics are currently serving as my primary means of procrastination) let’s back up a bit.


I am a rising junior at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is by far one of the best schools in the greatest cities in America (I may be a little biased, but if you ever have the fortune of experiencing it, I think you’ll agree).  As a Cell and Molecular Biology major, I am one of those infamous “pre-meds,” but believe you me my life extends far beyond the bindings of my textbooks.  My passion for a career in medicine stems from my passion for life and serving the human population, which is what ultimately brings me to undoubtedly one of the most exciting, important, and life-shaping events of my time on this planet thus far: PERU!  A Spanish minor, my ultimate goal was to finish all of my medical school requirements by the end of my sophomore year so that I could take off for a semester and focus solely on my Spanish; but why Peru? I honestly can’t say what it is that draws me to Latin and South America, but I maintain some intrinsic desire to explore the Americas and to connect with and serve its peoples. IFSA-Butler’s Lima program was specifically appealing to me because it offered me the opportunity to spend part of my semester volunteering with a local health clinic as a part of the required Peruvian Social Reality course.  This, ultimately, is in line with my long-term professional goals, as some day I would like to work in Latin and South America as a medical doctor in conjunction with organizations such as Doctors Without Borders.  Although I’m completely willing to admit I’m scared out of my mind that my South-Louisiana Spanish is going to embarrass the heck out of me at the beginning of the program, I have all the confidence in the world that it will at least be better by the time I’m ready to leave.


As your blogger for the next five-ish months, I’ll keep you updated on all of my travels, exploits, and just down-right embarrassing moments (which I am all-too ready to experience). Expect lots of pictures, plenty Spanish, ample surf reports, and, more than anything, FOOD. (Ceviche and pisco will be the first on the list!)

Now, to get back to watching the 5 hours of online Olympic rowing (I’m an avid and competitive rower, as you’ll soon come to know), and I suppose to the packing.

See y’all later, ciao, hasta luego!



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