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Eye of el Tigre


My apologies for the long wait for this blog post, I hope you have found something to do with your time in the interim.  Part of the wait involves my unfortunate encounter with turista.   After my awesome trip to Tigre last Monday, I fell ill for the rest of the week with food poisoning.  I felt absolutely miserable on Tuesday.  While I am feeling better now, perhaps I will shy away from street food for a while.

The trip to Tigre, a river town used as a porteño weekend getaway, was nice, if not a little too quiet.  There was a a museum of fine arts that I would have liked to visit, but it appeared to be closed.  After exploring the town and grabbing a bite to eat, I took a boat tour of the rivers snaking throughout the area.  There were a number of interesting houses, most of the slightly-dilapidated vacation home variety.  Most interesting however, was a small yellow cottage with a well manicured lawn.  The house and yard were encased in a large class cube.  The tour was not guided so I literally have no idea what the purpose of the structure was.  Feel free to guess in the comments.

My favorite experience this week came as a pleasant surprise.  On my weekly run in la reserva ecologica in Puerto madero, a fog set in, obscuring everything except the path in front of me.  For the first time since coming to BA, I felt the sensation of being somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of city streets, from the interminable kinetic energy of the populace.  However, soon the fog lifted and I was again well aware of the fact that I was in Buenos Aires and not some seaside forest.  The experience reaffirmed my desire to travel soon and explore more of the gargantuan country that is Argentina.

Additionally our program began to sample the classes offered this week.  I am able to select three from around eight.  As a political science major, I will surprisingly take the political science class, along with the history and theater class.  Once the classes start in earnest I will be sure to update my readers on how they’re going.


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