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24 hours whaaaat

It’s 3:28 a.m. and my iTunes is helping me avoid the 22-item to-do list sitting next to me. In just under 24 hours I’ll be leaving my house in Warwick, NY for México! Surreal. I’m feeling: nervous, stoked, nauseous, giddy, tired, nervous nervous nervous, distracted – my thoughts are everywhere and trying to pin them down enough to write this post seems impossible, but here we go.

I’ll be spending this semester in Mérida, Yucatán living with a host family (Don Gonzalo y Doña María – I hope they like me!) and going to classes at UADY. I’m so excited to meet my program-mates (is that a word?) and be in a beautiful new place, but I’m sadder than I thought I would be about leaving the U.S. I really like being here! The past couple of weeks have consisted of goodbyes with family and college friends, repeated trips to CVS as I remember yet another thing that I need for Mérida, and relaxing with my parents and our dog Fifa in our small town. It’s been very quiet, and although that isn’t the usual style of my summers, I’ve enjoyed it. Exactly a year ago we moved out to Warwick from Chicago, so this is the first summer that my high-school friends don’t live within walking distance and that down-town isn’t a short train ride away. It’s taken some adjusting but I finally feel comfortable here, which makes leaving unwelcome.

Despite my anxieties about leaving home, I am thrilled about what is to come! My dad is from Jalisco and I’ve been there many times to visit my grandparents and extended family. I’m sure living and studying in Merida will be a very different experience from visiting my grandparents, but I am so looking forward to being on Mexican soil! Being Mexican-American and studying abroad in Mexico means that my expectations for myself in Merida are much higher than they should be, but even as the sensible part of me tries to reign my expectations in, my imagination is running wild with the possibilities (the Mexicans love me so much that they get rid of Peña Nieto and elect me as their first female president! Just kidding, not really though). All the pre-departure guides that I’ve had to read have warned me that I’m going to experience many ups and downs while abroad, so I’m trying to maintain a positive yet realistic attitude.

It’s so late right now that I’m embarrassed to write what time it is, which I think means that it’s time for me to cross “Write first blog post” off my list and get some rest.

How I stayed awake this long:




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