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Playing Tourists in Buenos Aires

Today I’ll be talking about:

I. Wrapping up things in BA
II. Vocabulario
III. Música
IV. Links to previous posts

I. Wrapping up things in BA

Things were a little less terrifying after the first day in Buenos Aires. We were all rested, and therefore less manic. The lovely folks at IFSA had a bunch of activities for us all over the city.

First, we hit up Plaza de Mayo again:

We checked out La Boca and Puerto Madera, where the houses are made of old ship parts:


You can also check a video of some of the murals we saw on the stadium here and another of some street art in Puerto Madera here.

After we had a nice steak-tastic lunch by the mouth of Rio Plata, followed up by, of course, mate:


We also went to a really neat cemetery where Eva Perron and some other notable people are buried… but I didn’t bring my camera. You’ll just have to use your imagination—or, even better, visit Buenos Aires yourself.

What I’ll tell you about your stay in Buenos Aires is that if you want to go out at night that’s totally available to you…but you definitely don’t have to. I didn’t go out at all in BA because I was just too darn tired, and I wasn’t the only one. Don’t worry about it though, because I promise there’s plenty of places to go out in Mendoza too, any night of the week. Whatever your scene is, it’s YOUR study abroad, so you should do it up how you want to. People are gonna respect whichever you choose.

That said, if you do go out in BA, expect to fall asleep on the bus. And if you fall asleep on the bus, expect people to take unflattering pictures of your with your mouth hanging open. 😀 Part of the fun.

Other things you might like to know about Argentina:

1)  Tips are not necessary for little things like coffee. We made some café owner super happy because we didn’t know that. Tips are expected for a full on dinner though, though not nearly as large a tip as in the U.S. (15% instead of 20%.)


2) Banks have weird doors. If you want to get in to access the cajero electronico (ATM) You have to swipe your debit card to unlock the door and then quickly open it before it relocks. The door will ignore some cards, like mine, even though the ATM will accept them. There’s a possibility you’ll have to wait for someone else to go in to get the door open for some banks.

3) And you might have been wondering about the cheek kiss… Yes, they really do that. Boys too. They’ll tell you all about it during orientation. Have a look at this video. (It’s also embedded below.)

You learn to like it pretty quickly, or at least I did. Actually, we ran into some other Americans the other day and shook hands, and it felt so bizarre.

And that was about it for Buenos Aires. Next time around I’ll update you about life in Mendoza with all of its insanity and charm. Stay tuned.

II. Vocabulario


Preservativo / condon = condom

Mozo – messero – waiter

III. Música


Mi Buenos Aires querido – Carlos Gardel

Youtube–> go for it.

I didn’t actually hear this song in BA, but I thought it made a nice farewell to the port city (until December, anyway.) It’s a famous tango song from the 30’s. Enjoy!

 IV. Links to previous posts

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