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Te Anau and the beginning of mid-semester break

It’s been a while since my last post so I’ll update you all on the latest adventures.

Two weeks ago, The Betsy Trouble Squad ft. Toria made their way out to Te Anau to embark on the Kepler Track, one of New Zealands seven famous tracks. We drove to Rainbow Reach carpark to camp for the night. Having few available trees we attached one side of our tent to the car. The next morning, while we were taking down our tent, an RV pulled up next to us in the lot. Expecting to see a family caravan, I was surprised to see five old people jump out. We greeted each other, nervously lauighing as they read the obscenities written in the dirt covering our car. They were there to clear the traps along the track of rats, stoats, and weasals that attacked the local birds. We began our hike, surrounded by giant ferns and blankets of moss as we walked. We ran into two hikers, a british man in purple long johns and an asian woman. They told us that we had parked two hours farther away from our destination than we had intended. Although we were a little disheartened, we continued on, having lunch at Broad Bay, a beautiful beach next to a fog filled lake. We then began our ascent of Mt. Luxmore tp the hut, which was supposed to be at an elevation of over 1000 meters. Always on a constant incline, I led the way, feeling energized. Little did I know that two days later, after walking 40 km in total,┬ámy thighs would burn with a soreness that I’d never felt before. When we finally broke the treeline, the view was so amazing that we all took our shirts off to hike the rest of the way to the hut. The hut itself comfortably fit 50 people, but besides the five of us, there was only one other person, so we had plenty of room. After exploring he mountain a little more, we decided to make dinner. We made a delicious meal of hot dogs, cheesy bread and potatoes. We later made smore, using ginger snaps instead of graham crackers.

The next morning we boooked it down the mountain, doing the hike in half the estimated time. Andrew and I decided to hitchike back to our car instead of hiking an extra two hours. The second car we saw picked us up. They were a lovely couple from Te anau named Gary and Gail. After getting back to our car, we picked up the rest of our squad and drove back to dunedin.

This weekend was the beginning of our midsemester break. We slept at Kaikoura the first night and hiked Mt. Fyffe the next day. Today we stopped at the Cloudy Bay winery on our way to Nelson for a wine tasting. We had the Rose Blanc with salted olives, the chardonnay 2009 with spiced nuts, and the pinot noir 2012 with a meat crostini. 2010 was a very good year for wine.


I’m at a hostel in Nelson so I can’t upload any picture or videos but i will!


Cheers from New Zealand!


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