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Settling in!

Sorry for the long delay. Since I last posted I’ve been getting used to going to class and to handling the work load. There is definitely a lot more reading than I’m used to. Not necessarily more pages, it just takes longer since I have to spend a lot of time looking up words that I don’t know and I read slower in Spanish. I also have a bunch of small papers that I’ve been writing and I’ve had two 15 minute oral presentations. That sounds like a lot, but it hasn’t been too hard to manage. I’ve also managed to do a bit more travelling. For this post I’m going to put some pictures from where I live, because I’ve been neglecting that. I’ll also put the pictures from our  IFSA program trip to Sarchi, a place known for painting carritas, or carts that used to be used to transport goods. Here are some pictures of Santo Domingo, where I live.

This is my bus stop.

And there’s a bus driving by. It’s not my bus, but the morning that I took these pictures my bus inexplicably just drove right by. I was too flustered to even take a picture. I had my 260 colones in my hand and everything. I think the driver just wasn’t feeling it.

This is one of the many spots where we can go get copies of our readings for class. Unlike the United States, Costa Rica doesn’t seem to have any copyright laws for textbooks. So they’ve made an industry out of buying one book and just copying all the pages. It’s good for me because the copies are really cheap.

Incredibly, I still managed to be broke enough to not be able to afford 3 pieces of paper last week. They gave them to me anyway. Being the good person that I am i came back this week with these two coins to repay my debt. That’s like 6 cents. I think they thought I was screwing with them when I handed them the money.

This is street art outside my campus. It is here because it is awesome. If I could draw this is the kind of thing I would do it all the time. I would probably get arrested. Also, art reveals truth. Says the fish.

This is a snack stand right in front of the school. I never have any money but sometimes I just stand near it and look at the food.

Ok, the other pictures I have are from the trip to Sarchi. The carts there are hand painted in very fine patterns and we got to see the professionals paint and even try our hand at it. Take a look:

Here’s a giant cart. That someone took an absurd amount of hours to paint. The wheels do not work. It looks cool though.

This is a close up of one wheel. Normally I like to make some sort of sarcastic comment regarding my pictures but this one is just beautiful. Also there are pictures coming up worthy of derision.

This is where the seven professional painters sit. I studied them for approximately 8 seconds each and then determined that I was ready to be a professional painter. It looked pretty simple. Plus, that’s like 56 seconds.

We were charged with painting a small wheel. The far right one is what it is supposed to look like at the end. More or less.

Here I am completing my masterpiece. While sitting on a comically small chair. It’s like no one in Costa Rica has ever seen someone over six feet tall.

Here it is! Drawn with the utmost care and more detailed than the example!

Just kidding. That was Sarah’s. This is mine. The black lines look like they were drawn by an intoxicated 8 year old. The brush just kept getting away from me. I swear I had the best of intentions.


In a few days I’ll try to make a new post because I left my trip to Monteverde out of of this one. I have lots of pictures including several of me trying to backwards rock climb down a waterfall. It wasn’t pretty.

Pura Vida



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