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The Quest to Find the Best Cafe in Dublin

Time October 10th, 2016 in 2016 Fall, Ireland | No Comments by

Attempting to find the perfect cafe with

  1. Good (cheap) coffee
  2. Wifi
  3. Ample seating

Right now (for studying purposes), KC Peaches is in the lead because they have great wifi and tons of table space for studying.


Celebrating my Birthday Abroad

Time March 30th, 2015 in 2015 Spring, College Study Abroad, Sharjah UAE, United Arab Emirates | No Comments by

This month I was able to celebrate my birthday abroad. I turned 21 earlier this month and had the opportunity with many of my friends I have made the last couple months. Celebrating my birthday was a moment that made me feel a little homesick. Birthdays are something that everyone is used to celebrating with family and their close friends, but when you are abroad you don’t have your family or your old friends. I can’t deny that I did feel a little homesick, because I did miss my family and friends, but new friends here didn’t let it get bad or let the feeling stay around too long. Read More »