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Excursion to Kilkenny

Time April 10th, 2017 in 2017 Spring, Ireland | No Comments by

With the semester halfway through, I am getting less and less excited to go back home. One of those reasons? The friends I have made here. I am a mid-west girl already planning my travels to the New England area to see my friends once we’re back in the States. Luckily, IFSA Butler provided us with an excursion as part of IFSA Ireland. And although not all of the Galway Gang could make it, the group of Galway Girls were great to hang out with and get to know better. A girls weekend down in the books! Here are some of my favorite moments from the three day weekend in Kilkenny! Read More »


Glasgow Photo Tour

Time January 12th, 2016 in 2016 Spring, College Study Abroad, Scotland | No Comments by

  1. Glasgow Botanic Gardens, which I get to walk through to go to class every day! It’s gorgeous
  2. St. Mungo’s Tomb and Cathedral, St. Mungo is Glasgow’s patron saint, and his tomb is under Glasgow Cathedral (picture 5)
  3. Drinking fountain in the Boyd Orr building, drinking fountains that I’m accustomed to don’t exist in the U.K, at least as far as I’ve seen. Make sure to bring a cup of some sort!
  4. The cloisters located in the main building, They’re pretty, one of my favorite spots on campus.
  5. Glasgow Cathedral, the original founding place of University of Glasgow, one of the oldest spots in the city, and an absolutely gorgeous building
  6. Donald Dewar statue, located outside of Glasgow’s equivalent of a shopping mall (The Buchanan Galleries)
  7. Duke of Wellington statue, located outside of the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art (the cone is thanks to Glaswegians, I think it’s a good addition)
  8. BRGR burger, featuring a BRGR “Hawder” which was completely new to me, but also in celebration of the first dinner I ever had with my flatmates!