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chau, mendoza

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Today is the day. I’m leaving Mendoza. Ahhhh! I have no idea how to feel right now as I’m trying not to feel sad so I can be productive and pack instead of being hit with nostalgia every time I come across a souvenir, memento, or look outside the window. I remember the first time I stepped into my room, I couldn’t even feel excited since I was SO nervous. I was too horrified at myself for even thinking I could speak another language on a daily basis. Sigh. So much has changed since then! (Luckily, haha).  [below is a picture of my house]

I went last minute souvenir shopping this morning and tried reaaally hard not to register how it’d be my last time passing by the crazy dogs that bark at pedestrians two streets down from my house, the big Carrefour on Belgrano, the touristy shops on Las Heras, busy San Martin…..

getting ice cream with the host fam!

When I was buying some shirts (“I love Asado”, “Mendoza: tierra del buen vino”), the vendors spoke to me in English and explained to me what the shirts said. When I replied that I live(d) in Mendoza, they seemed pleasantly surprised and treated me like a local. It was refreshing and I surprised myself by being able to understand & reply to everything in the conversation. The discount was nice, too. 😀

So now, in about two hours, I’ll be on a bus heading to Buenos Aires. From there I’ll visit Iguazu before flying back to Boston. I can’t even believe I’m typing the words “I’m leaving Mendoza.” This place has become another home for me and I want to return someday. One semester certainly wasn’t enough to see everything (and taste all the wines!)! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to stay with the most amazing host family, meet incredible friends, and live for five months in the “tierra del buen vino!”

otra despedida

the day I tried to cook for my host family…

view of my street

another view, with cars crowding the sidewalk..