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Food, Cau Cau and Asia

Time August 29th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by


The food here is delicious and dirt cheap.  Now that I am settled in and know how to look for restaurants, I very rarely pay more than $4-$5 for a good meal served over rice with an appetizer, a beverage, and sometimes even a dessert.  You can find this kind of food at so-called ‘menú places’.  

If these three things are true, you have probably found a menú place:

1. There is no front door, or front wall, on the restaurant.

2.  Ironically, there are no menus within site.  Usually there will be a chalkboard.

3.  The name of the restaurant is not immediately obvious.

Usually I get soup or potato salad for an appetizer and fish for the main course – it tastes fresh and is cooked well, but is otherwise fairly simple –  and smother it with Ají sauce, made from a local pepper that is like ketchup here, only spicier and way, way better.

It’s almost as though all of the menú places operate as a chain. They all cost between 12-15 soles ($4-$5), they are all reliably quite good and have very similar food and atmosphere.


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