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Floor Night In

Time April 14th, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

Woke up this morning and opened my door to a hall filled with abandoned “lollies” (not necessarily lollipops over here, just the general term for candy), remnants of masking tape and black plastic on the walls, orange paint in the bathroom sinks and showers, and mattresses in the common room. Descending the stairs down from the top floor where I live (floor 7) took me past other odds and ends – green tissue paper, pieces of hay, mangled foliage, etc. All were souvenirs of the fun that took place the evening prior: Floor Night In!

Gather round, ladies and gents, and allow me to explain! Floor Night In is a competition within my college (side note – “college” is the term typically used instead of “dormitory.” When communicating that I’m a college student, I don’t say “I’m in college,” because that could be taken as saying “I’m in my dorm room,” or “I live on campus.” Instead, I’d use the phrase “I’m in uni,” short for university. Just to clarify.)

Continuing – it’s a competition in my college, Philip Baxter College, between the 7 floors in our building. Each floor picks a theme and a story to tell with that theme. After a lot of planning, the whole hall works together to decorate their floor into the theme, so that walking from one end of the hall to the other tells a story. At various places down the hall, the residents act out various skits or songs or moments that help tell the story. The dean of our college, Solomon (“Soli” for short), then walks through, one floor at a time, as the main character of the story, (AND WEARING A GoPro!) and judges each hall. Prizes were awarded for best decorations, best costumes, and best overall hall. It’s easier to explain with an example:

My floor (floor 7) chose to do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So Soli entered the hall, not knowing what to expect, and was called into the first room where a bunch of “old people” in bed were calling him “Charlie” and telling him happy birthday, and then they gave him a coin to go buy something at the candy store. (So by then he probably put together that he was Charlie in our story). Exiting that room led him directly to the “Candy Store,” where “kids” were playing and buying candy, and he was encouraged to buy a chocolate bar, which happened to have a gold ticket in it. Then he was ushered to the gates of Willy Wonka’s factory, where he met the other golden ticket winners: Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregard, Mike Teavee, and Veruca Salt, and then Willy Wonka himself. The story continued down the hall, which included a full Oompa-Loompa performance in the bathroom (explaining the orange paint mentioned in the first paragraph), and ended with Charlie as the soul survivor of the tour. He was then **spoiler alert** given the entire chocolate factory as his prize.

Floor 1 told the story of The Little Mermaid, Floor 2 did Star Wars (Soli was Luke Skywalker), Floor 3 had a World War III theme where Soli was a soldier – they put him through “boot camp” at the beginning; Floor 4 did The Wizard of Oz (Soli was Dorothy), Floor 5 did Alice in Wonderland (Soli was Alice), and Floor 6 did The Passion of the Christ (Soli was Jesus).

It was a great night! A very creative and fun tradition that definitely made everyone feel like an integral part of the hall. Unfortunately, my hall didn’t win any of the awards, but of course, we were winners in our book :) I’ve already heard people planning for next year.

Below are some pictures I managed to take before decorations had to be taken down, and I’m keeping my eyes out for the video our RF took of my hall’s performance so I can share that as well.

Miss you all!