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A trip to the Lake District

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Last weekend IFSA-Butler, hosted a weekend at the Lake District for us.  The Lake District is located in the north of England, almost near Scotland.  To get there we took a bus from the IFSA Butler House in Central London.  The buses were grouped based on where you were staying, so my bus had a ton of people studying abroad at Queen Mary, KCL, and UCL.  We stayed at the Borrowdale Hostel and it was a great group of 80 boys and girls.

The bus ride there took longer than expected (almost 9 hours), so the pub quiz we were supposed to have at Glaramara (the hotel where all the main activities took place) was cancelled.  We arrived at our hostel and were surprised to find out that Annie, Allison, Chelsea, and I (all Queen Mary students) had been assigned to the same room.  Chelsea and I had put each other down as roommates, but it was a nice surprise to be in a room with people we were comfortable with.


Borrowdale Hostel



Our hostel room

After setting our luggage in our room, we headed to dinner.  Dinner was nothing special, but lucky for us we were with a great group of people and ended the night playing Kings and getting to know each other.

The next morning after breakfast, we headed to Glaramara to be divided into our different activities.  My first activity for the day was dragon boating and unfortunately I don’t have any photos because I was told that we had to bring all our stuff with us on the boat.  This wasn’t true and made me really sad because the scenery was excellent.  In addition to rowing we got to hop off and explore some of the islands.  We saw where a famous hermit once lived and the house that Beatrix Potter once lived (she wrote the Peter Rabbit books).  After dragon boating, we went back to Glaramara, ate lunch, and proceeded to our next activity.  This time I did gorge scrambling.  We put on wool onesies, suspenders, jackets, helmets, and wellies to do this.  It was so much fun climbing the rocks in the water and sliding down the waterfalls.


From top: Sydney, Sydney, Sam and I.

Girls I met at orientation before heading off to our separate activities

That night after eating dinner at the hostel, we once again headed to Glaramara.  This time for the pub quiz and a party afterward.  It was so much fun.  I got to hang out with some of the Davidson students and the friends I made during orientation.

Davidson does Lake District



Sydney (my roommate from orientation) and I

The next morning we woke up, packed all our things, and headed to Glaramara for our final activity.  I decided to go into Keswick, which is a super cute little town with shops, coffee places, and of course bakeries.  As it was raining when we got there  we stopped for coffee at a cafe.


As we left the coffee shop Chelsea pointed out a store to me that sold 99s!  I decided I needed to get one then and there.  Even though it wasn’t an Irish 99, it didn’t disappoint.


Next, we were told that there was a Christmas shop right down the street that we had to go into.  I bought some fudge there and browsed the massive amounts of candy and trinkets they sold there. We ended the day by strolling down the street before heading back on the bus to London.

All in all it was a great weekend.  I’m excited to share my next trip with you…Budapest!

xx,  Francesca