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It’s time for a holiday.

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Studying abroad is not all fun and games when there are a million and one assignments to be done before my mid-semester break starting this coming Tuesday. But! That doesn’t mean homework can’t be fun. This past Thursday I attended the living sculpture performance art exhibition called 13 Rooms. It is an exhibition that will continue until the 21st of April and it is a must see if you’re in the area! The exhibition, which I was required to go to for my Curating Artistic Creativity course (and thank goodness for that), consisted of 13 different rooms, 12 of them containing living sculpture performances. The thirteen rooms, of all different sizes and shapes, were built specifically for each performance. There is even a circular room and a room that you need to crawl into if you choose to enter. Curators, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach, curated this amazing project with twelve great artists, two of which were actually presenting the performance! I could ramble on for days about this exhibition, but it may just be easier for you to take a look at what it has to offer by going to the actual exhibition (if you are fortunate enough) or by clicking here. Enjoy!–I know I did. Also, here are some photographs that I took myself on the way to the exhibition and at the exhibition itself.

Sydney Harbor Bridge 13 Rooms Exhibition One of the 13 Rooms

I know I said I was stressed in my last blog but man! This week has been maybe my most stressful in all of college/uni; however, I have been taking all my assignments step by step to get everything done in time for my flight to Gold Coast this coming Wednesday! I know it will all get done but boy, do I have to crack down and focus. There are no fun activities allowed this weekend or upcoming beginning of the week. My last week here is going to be spent at the library. Of course, I know that it will be all worth it when I finally get to relax on my holiday. I am BEYOND excited about my mid-semester break. I am flying to Gold Coast, experiencing Gold Coast for a short bit, driving to Brisbane in a camper van with friends, and am partaking in Extreme Adventures’, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish – Tour 4, which ends in Cairns. The itinerary for this amazing opportunity is here. . . Can you see why I’m excited? I have a feeling that it could be the best vacation, or should I say holiday, of my life.