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Las Fiestas Patrias

Time September 19th, 2016 in 2016 Fall, Chile, LGBTQ Correspondents | No Comments by

The past week here has been defined by two major historical events in Chilean history: September 11th (1973) and September 18th (1810).
September 11th has long been a notable day in the lives of people from the US, given the terrorist attacks that took place on in 2001 in New York City. However, this day has held importance in Chilean history for much longer, as it marks the day the US-backed coup led by Pinochet occurred in 1973. While we haven’t quite gotten to this point in my history class, it’s very apparent that the coup remains a polarizing topic. On the 11th there were numerous marches, protests, and even celebrations throughout the city and country; in Santiago there was one march to and one march from the general cemetery. One week later, on the 18th, is Chile’s independence day, celebrated with gusto for most of the month of September. These festivities are called the fiestas patrias, and they’re marked by massive celebrations.

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