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7 Tips: The Melbourne Cup for Beginners.

Time November 14th, 2016 in 2016 Fall, Australia | No Comments by

A list of things you need to know if you are going to the Melbourne Cup for the first time.

1. Everyone looks like they just walked off the runway. Okay not everyone, but pretty close! If you think you are overdressed, then you are probably underdressed. Hello flowy and glittery.


2. Headwear is EVERYTHING. I wore a headband made out of gold leaves, and my friend wore a large tan and black hat, so if you have a hat or headband stored in your closet, brush off that dust and bring it to the racecourse.


3. Place a bet regardless of if you know what you are doing or not! I cannot stress this enough, even if it’s only five dollars. I mean, where is the fun in watching a race if you don’t have anything to win! (Or lose in my case whoops)


4. Those stiletto heels you are planning on wearing? good luck. You have two options; one ends with you barefoot, and the other relies on the champagne to take care of any pain until the next day when you will REALLY feel it.


5. Meet people! Some people are focused on the race while others will be happy to tell you about the money they either just won or loss. A shout-out to the guys who gave us a bottle of champagne when they won over $1,000!

6. Go to the grass. The stands are fine, but the grass is where all the action happens. Not only are you closer to the track itself but you can feel the crowd’s anticipation as the horses pass the finish line, and the “OOOOOH”’s grow louder. At one point I didn’t even bet on any of the horses racing, I was just cheering because the excitement was contagious.


7. When your host parent for the weekend tells you what number horses to bet on, don’t just bet on them for him and then pretend you have any idea on what you are doing and bet on a random horse. Bet on the horse he’s betting on because then you will win $250 instead of losing $20, #bitter.

Off to the Races!!