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Hungry in Hungary

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This past week has been what the Brits call “Reading Week”.  Basically it’s a week-long period where you are supposed to catch up on work.  I’ve been doing that, but I also took advantage of 5 of the 10 days I had off to travel to Amsterdam and Berlin.  Not having internet access for the past few days has led me to post this quite late.  October 24-26 I went to Budapest with a couple friends.  Hands down it has been my favorite trip so far, which was unexpected for me.  Budapest was a very random trip for us.  Whenever we searched places to go in Europe, Budapest always showed up as the most underrated city.

And I have to say it was beyond amazing!  I have never been in such a grand city.  According to Brigid, who is a history major, most Easter European cities were very concerned with the architecture and grandeur of there city.  They didn’t want to be labeled as “backward” compared to the Western European cities.  I would hands down recommend traveling to Budapest to anyone studying abroad or anyone interested in getting a taste of eastern Europe.

We stayed in a hostel called Pal’s hostel.  This wasn’t a regular hostel, it was more like a chain of apartments right next to St. Stephen’s Basilica. So we ended up staying in a 4 person apartment footsteps away from the basilica.

Besides our great location, another amazing thing was the currency in Hungary.  They are on the forint, which has an exchange rate of 1forint = .0046 dollar.  This was great as it was a nice break from the extremely expensive London, however taking out 25,000 forint at the airport was a bit odd.

I’ll leave you with this video to explain the rest:

My favorite things in Budapest:

1. chimney cakes–almost like funnel cakes, but better

2. St. Stephen’s Basilica–the grandest Catholic church I’ve ever been inside.  Makes Notre Dame look bad.

3.  The hop on hop off bus is a great way to get to all the cities main attractions.

4.  Ruin pubs–claustraphobic, but unique atmosphere of a chain of pubs surrounded by a courtyard in the middle

5. The drinking culture– people sit outside on the steps of the basilica and on the Budda Castle walls to enjoy the view while enjoying a drink

6.  The gelato– Very good and comes in the shape of a flower

xx, Francesca