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Night of the Soccer Game

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Well, now I’m telling the story of my study abroad out of chronological order because this happened last week and I still haven’t talked about the end of September…but this will be a short, simple entry. :)

 Today I’ll be talking about:
I. Argentina vs. Uruguay
II. Musica de la semana
III. Links to previous posts
IV.  Upcoming posts

I. Argentina vs. Uruguay


Practically anywhere you travel outside the U.S., soccer (okay, futball) is a big deal—pseudo-religious—and Argentina is no exception. Therefore, I highly recommend watching all the soccer games you can while in Argentina.

Last Friday was the Argentina/Uruguay game. It took place in a stadium in Mendoza, so of course the whole city went crazy. People selling jerseys and other paraphernalia all over the place. A certain indescribable tension in the air. Tickets sold out in the first hour they went on sale, so my friends and I decided to watch the game in one of the many, many bars on Aristides.

(One of my friends took a taxi to us, and the driver offered her one ticket to the game that he’d earned by driving the Argentine team. She turned it down because she wanted to be with us, wherever we happened to be, rather than alone in the stadium… Silly girl: she should have accepted it and sold it on the street!)

We finally went inside the bar that’s on the corner we’ve been using as a meeting place all semester: William Brown. (Figured the yanquis would use the bar with an Englishman’s name as a meeting place, right?)

img_2973   img_2984

It’s a little pricier than most places, but it’s got a nice ambience. Maps printed on the tables. We had a blast, probably mostly because Argentina won, 3-0. Each time the Argentine team scored a goal, the whole bar was alive with cheering and hugging and table-thumping for two or three solid minutes—just like every movie stereotype. It was such a great feeling to cheer for the same cause as all the Argentines around me, like I was really one of them. (Though some ladies sitting near us kept looking at us like we were complete idiots. I guess we were, but who cares?)

The game ended around 11pm—much too early to try to get into a boliche! So we decided to go bowling, which I hadn’t done since my senior year of high school.


It was a weird experience because 1) no shoes were rented. I bowled in high heels, like a boss. 2) The pins were manually reset. 3) They gave us three bowls instead of two—maybe because we were just that bad, hahaha. 4) The balls were super small, just the size of your hand, and without the 3 familiar holes. Tricky to get used to. I don’t think any of us actually bowled well, but it was fun!


By that time we were too tired to dance, so we called it a successful night and went home.

II. Musica de la semana


Here you go!

III. Links to previous posts

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IV.  Upcoming posts


-Road trip to San Juan

-Spring break in Chile

-Reunion in Neuquen

-Trabajo voluntario

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-Trip to Cordoba


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